Internet Computer Dapps

Catalyze - The premier Web 3 Discord/Telegram alternative for community engagement & growth
Content Fly - Web3 job management tool & marketplace
Distrikt - A decentralized, professional social media network that empowers users. 100% on the blockchain
DMail - The first blockchain mailbox product
Dscvr - A completely decentralized social content platform
DSocial - Decentralised & censorship-resistant version of YouTube
Hot or Not - IC's first decentralised TikTok
IC Drive - A decentralized private storage app built on the Internet Computer
ICWorks - A decentralized job marketplace for the Web3 era
Kontribute - Interactive dapp that brings together readers, writers and NFTs
ModClub - Decentralized user generated content moderation service, to integrate with existing Internet Computer dapps
Nuance - Web3 blogging. Built on, and for, the new web
Open Chat - Chat. On the blockchain. In real time
Papyrs - An open-source, privacy-first, decentralized blogging platform that lives 100% on chain
Piped - An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design
Portal - Decentralized live streaming service
Querio - Decentralized web3.0 search engine of exceptional speed and accuracy that empowers its users to search over the Internet Computer
Seachan - Censorship resistant decentralized fileboard
Seers - Social Network for forecasting. Prediction Markets and much more
Signals - A location based chat app for making connections, creating communities and discovering events
Taggr - An experimental social network
The Wall - A crossover Ethereum/Internet Computer demo app