Internet Computer Games

3D.City - 3d city builder game
2048 - Sliding addition game
Apes Dfinity - Space Apes platform game
Battle City - Enjoy the classic battle tank game by Namco
Block, Paper, Scissors! - A blockchain powered roshambo experience
Chess - 3d chess game on Internet Computer
Clandestine - Gaming hub
Clout Cats Maze 3D - Simple maze puzzle game
Coinflip - Guess the coin toss
Cosmicrafts - Multiplatform RTS game on the Internet Computer
CubeRun - Avoid cubes while the spaceship you control gradually goes faster and faster
Cubetopia - Own a unique island on the blockchain. Create whatever you desire
Cycles Bet - Bet cycles play dices
DOTS ... - On-chain classic snake game
EmulatorJS - Play classic retro games on the Internet Computer
EZCraft - Simple remake of the classic Minecraft game
FaeFolk - A multiplayer, slice of life, NFT role-playing game where you use your NFTs to craft tools, equipment, and train your skills
Flappy Bird - Another Flappy Bird clone
Fly Aves - Flappy Bird style game
Fudbuster - Platform game created using Unity's game engine
Haunted Hamsters Game - Endless runner game whith the Haunted Hamsters NFT
Hexa Battle - Assemble your party of heroes and venture into the dungeon
HexGL - A futuristic, fast-paced racing game built by BKcore
Hodl Crypto Winter - Avoid obstacles and collect coins
IC Birds - Play with your Birds NFTs
IC Pinball - Internet Computer Pinball
ICmoji Origins - On-chain NFT strategy game
Jumpy Motoko - Play to earn game
Lo-Fi Player - A virtual room in your browser that lets you play with the BEAT
Mareo - Clone of the classic Mario platformer
Metascore - Leaderboards and prizes for the DSCVR Season 2 Gaming Hackathon
Mission is Possible - 3D shooter game
Motoko Runner - Endless runner game
NiFTy Hextris - Browser based game where players can claim NFT collectibles
P2BALL - Puzzle game
Pacman - HTML5 Pacman
Pi Game - Enter as many digits as you know of Pi
Plethora - A Web3 launchpad gaming world built on the Internet Computer
Poker - Texas holdEm on Internet Computer
Radius Raid - Space themed shoot'em up where you must blast away unrelenting enemies before they destroy you
Reversi - Multiplayer game on Internet Computer
Rise of the Magni - Tactical unit deployment game
Saga Tarot - Saga Tarot gives you a tarot reading in one click
Space Warrior - Endless space shooter game
Sportfi Rescue - Puzzle game
Sportfi RUSH - Arcade racing game
Sudoku - A Sudoku web app
Super ICP Party - Multiplayer game made with Unity
Super Mario 64 - The classic platform game for the Nintendo 64
T-Rex Runner - The T-Rex runner game extracted from chrome offline page
Tetris - Play the classic Tetris game on Internet Computer
The Angler - Fish hunting game
The Last Spartan - Cut your enemies to pieces and defend your homeland
Tiny Racing - Racing game made with Unity
Triip - Magic memory game
True Odds - Provably fair gambling dApp
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