Internet Computer NFTs



CetoSwap - A fungible and non-fungible asset management platform base
Crowd Created Canvas - CCC is the first canvas collaboration and creation platform on Internet Computer
Funded - Secondary marketplace to trade NFTs from successfully funded projects on Funded
Gigaverse - Cross-chain NFT marketplace
Icmarket - NFT marketplace deployed on ICP in partnership with NnsDAO
ICNS Marketplace - Trade name domains quickly and easily
Jelly - NFT Tools & Marketplace Infrastructure
Meme Cake - Social NFT multi-chain marketplace
Toniq - The most trusted NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer
Yumi - A gateway to the metaverse


Dgastonia - The most comprehensive browsing experience for NFTs on The IC
Hatch - Mint your own NFT collection, customize your metadata, and configure your sale, all without touching a single line of code
IC NFT Floor - Calculate floor value of NFTs
NFT Village - A friendly place for all of your favorite NFTs on the Internet Computer
NFT Village V2 - A friendly place for all of your favorite NFTs on the Internet Computer
Nftanvil - NFT minting on the Internet Computer
NFTgeek - Real-time data about NFT listings, transactions, volume, and minting
Raisin Rank - NFT Analytics


A3capas - The universo is crashing, powerful creature species must fight to prevail
Blockchain Heroes - Collectible digital trading card set. Join the battle for freedom and decentralization
Bob NFTs - An experimental cross-platform creator economy NFT project
BTC Flower - Randomly generated artworks by paris based streetartist Ludo
Candy - First software license as an NFT launched on the IC
Cronic - A Play-to-earn NFT game being developed by ToniqLabs
Crowns - A collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs with different levels of rarity showcasing our latest product, CAP
Cubic - Generative art project
CYMAN - 10,000 Randomly generated cybernetic humanoid's from 550,000,000 BCE built on the Internet Computer
Demodroids - 10,000 demolition androids sent to wreak havoc
Dfinity Bulls - 8,888 Awesome Badass Bulls
Dfinity Nuclear Sheep - 10,000 Super sheep
Dfinity Rats - Next generation P2E game combining art, comedy, and gameplay
Dfinity Space Apes - 10,000 Space Apes on the Internet Computer
Eimolad - Eimolad is a fantasy world full of adventures and populated by the first NFT game characters
Feminiverse - The first 10k feminism inspired NFTs living on the ICP
Haunted Hamsters - NFT set of 6666 haunted hamsters spooking on DFINITY ICP
IC3D - Cool 3D NFTs on the Internet Computer
IC Apes - 10,000 Unique Apes
IC Birds - 10,000 8-bit style NFTs
IC Canvas - Interactive art project
IC Cards - NFT-based game on the IC
IC Dinos - Dinos NFT collection
IC Dolls - 4,444 randomly generated dolls looking for a home
IC Drip - Randomly generated meta-commerce shopping carts for outfits and personas stored on chain
IC Gallery - A creative metaverse to gather all NFT enthusiasts and enjoy arts on the Internet Computer
IC Photographers - At ic photographers, the aim is to bring together creators and collectors of photography NFTs
IC Turtles - Customizable and breedable NFTS
ICAliens - First aliens NFT on IC
ICelebrity - 100 Uniquely Minted handmade artistic representation of the people we know and love
ICGiraffes - 10,000 busy giraffes
ICircle - 8888 Generative Art
ICKitsune - 10,000 beautifully hand-drawn foxes
ICKitties - 8-bit kitties living on the Internet Computer
ICKoalas - A collection of 5555 Cute Koalas
ICMojis - NFT collection and strategy game
ICNotes - 10,000 cute musical notes NFTs
ICP Art - Exclusive hand-crafted art collections
ICP News - Artistic collection created by ICP News
ICP Squad - First engage to earn NFTs game
ICPBunny - Yieldable and Breedable NFT
ICPCS - Collection of generative art
ICPets - 11,111 of Infinity Pets
ICPics - First text-to-image AI generated NFTs on the Internet Computer
ICPrime8s - 5 releases of Prime8 focused, randomly generated NFTs on the Internet Computer
ICPugs - 10,000 8-bit pug NFTs coming to the Internet Computer
ICPunks - 10K randomly generated clowns
ICPuppies - The first animal NFT collection deployed on the Internet Computer
ICPuzzle - NFT creation platform that allows users to mint NFTs created on a web-based canvas using NFTs from the ICPuzzle NFT Line
ICPxy - Adorable pixel chars
ICSnakes - A collection of 10,000 randomly generated Snake NFTs hunting for food
ICSpliffsters - Collection of 9999 unique SpliffSters
ICTuts - 1st pharaohs NFTs in the world. 10,000 randomly generated TuTs
ICVibesters - Vibesters is a community-driven, collectible NFT project with Interactive avatars in the IC Metaverse
Ikuzo - 5555 NFTs in the Internet Computer
Infernal Vampire Colony - 666 randomly generated Vampires
Infinite Charity Project - A nonprofit charitable org conducting $ICP NFT fundraisers to benefit 501(c)3 charities
Infinity Frogs - First NFT to bridge ETH and ICP
Internet Astronauts - A collection of 10,000 unique digital NFT collectibles only found on the Internet Computer
Juicy Kicks - 10,000 generated NFT fruit with kicks
Kontribute - Interactive dapp that brings together readers, writers and NFTs
Newsie - Comic book and NFT collection
NFT Studio - Mint, buy and sell 3DWASM NFTs
Origyn - Blending luxury goods, with NFTs by providing digital verifications for physical objects
PHASMA - 5,000 unique PHASMAs on IC
Pokedstudio BOTS - A collection of 10,000 individual ROBOTS
Starverse - NFT collection of rare and unique Stars
The Cake Club - A collection of 7,777 Dick NFTs unique digital collectible
The Sword - 10K Unique Ninjas NFTs
Wild and West - A wild west themed NFT project
Wing - A 12 part photograph series by Oli Savage
Yolo Club - Collection of 8888 intelligently generated NFTs