Internet Computer Services

Axon - Multi-user, multi-neuron management canister
Beam - Send or Receive a constant stream of ICP
Canistergeek - Open-source tool for developers to monitor the cycles and memory status of their canister smart contracts
Canlista - The Internet Computer community canister registry
CAP - An open internet service providing transaction history & asset provenance for NFT's & Tokens
Cover - Open internet service that can be used by developers to verify and prove that a canister's code matches the open source code
CycleOps - Proactive, automated, no-code canister management for the Internet Computer
Cycles Faucet - Get free cycles to power your dapp
Cycles Watch - Track the cycles' consumption of canister smart contracts
DAB - An open internet service for NFT, Token, Canister, and Dapp registries
Dank - Dank is a collection of Open Internet Services on the Internet Computer
EXT Token Tool - Create your own Tokens
Fleek - Decentralized web-hosting to the Internet Computer
Funded - Web-3 crowdfunding! Using smart contract technology to build a safer, cheaper and global crowdfunding service
IC Naming - Decentralized domain name server based on Dfinity network
IC NFT Floor - Calculate floor value of NFTs
IC Picture Thing - Upload and Share Images on the IC
iCAN - The best easy-to-use canister management platform on Internet Computer
IcApps - A list of apps powered by Internet Computer
ICEvent - An open event service. Publish, subscribe, collaborate, communicate..
ICJobs - Remote only jobs specifically for the Internet Computer
ICME - A no-code website builder
ICNS - A naming service for the Internet Computer, built on top of ENS (Ethereum Name Service)
ICP123 - Ecosystem page built on the Internet Computer
ICPCoins - Internet Computer cryptocurrencies by market cap
ICP Guide - The definitive guide to the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)
IDgeek - A secure, automated and decentralized marketplace for buying or selling Internet Identity Anchors
Internet Identity - Sign in to dapps on the IC and sites across the web anonymously and securely
Juno - An Open Source Blockchain-as-a-Service
Kinic - Search re-imagined for web3. Front-end canister explorer
Motoko Playground - Web IDE for developers to learn Motoko
Neuron Calculator - Calculate your voting rewards in the Network Nervous System (NNS)
NFID - The Identity layer for the Internet
NFT Village - A friendly place for all of your favorite NFTs on the Internet Computer
NFTgeek - Real-time data about NFT listings, transactions, volume, and minting
NNS Proposal - This dapp makes submitting NNS proposals easy for non-technical users with the lowest cost possible
Plug Tip - Tip tokens to your favorite Twitter users with ease
Raisin Rank - NFT Analytics
SLY - An open source, collaborative, and friendly CLI for developing on the Internet Computer
Sudograph - A GraphQL database for the Internet Computer
WICP - WICP is an ICP-equivalent trading tool